Top 5+ Free GitHub ChatGPT AI Templates & UI Starter Kits for 2023

Top 5+ Free GitHub ChatGPT AI Templates & UI Starter Kits for 2023

Chatbots have become an essential part of modern-day businesses. They help in providing instant customer support, automating repetitive tasks, and improving overall customer experience. With the advancements in AI technology, chatbots have become more intelligent and efficient. ChatGPT is one such AI-powered chatbot that has gained immense popularity in recent times! 🧠

In this article, we will discuss the top 5+ free GitHub ChatGPT AI templates and UI starter kits for 2023.

1. Horizon ChatGPT AI Template

Horizon ChatGPT AI Template

Horizon ChatGPT AI Template is the world's first open source OpenAI ChatGPT AI Template made with React, NextJS and Chakra UI for creating outstanding Chat AI SaaS Apps faster.

It comes with over 30+ dark/light frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining.

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2. Chatbot UI by mckaywrigley

Chatbot UI by mckaywrigley

Chatbot UI is an open source chat UI for AI models.

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3. ChatGPT UI by WongSaang

ChatGPT UI by WongSaang

A ChatGPT web client that supports multiple users, multiple languages, and multiple database connections for persistent data storage.

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4. Better ChatGPT

Better ChatGPT

Better ChatGPT is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to experience the limitless power of conversational AI. With no limits and completely free to use for all, our app harnesses the full potential of OpenAI's ChatGPT API to offer you an unparalleled chatbot experience.

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5. ChatGPT Next Web

ChatGPT Next Web

One-Click to get well-designed cross-platform ChatGPT web UI.

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The availability of free GitHub templates and UI starter kits has made it easier than ever to develop ChatGPT-based chatbots and conversational agents. The resources listed above provide developers with a solid foundation, whether they prefer a comprehensive starter template, a Python-based implementation, or UI-focused components.

Leveraging these tools in 2023 will enable developers to build intelligent and engaging chatbots, pushing the boundaries of AI-powered conversational experiences. With the power of ChatGPT and the collaborative nature of GitHub, the possibilities for innovative chatbot development are endless.