The benefits of using ReactJS in 2023

The benefits of using ReactJS in 2023

ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library used to build user interfaces, while vanilla HTML/CSS is the traditional approach to web development. While both have their advantages, ReactJS offers several benefits over vanilla HTML/CSS that make it a popular choice for web developers.

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1. Component-Based Development

ReactJS is built on a component-based architecture, which makes it easier to manage and reuse code. With ReactJS, developers can create reusable UI components that can be easily shared across multiple pages or applications. This approach makes it easier to maintain and update code, as changes made to one component can be automatically applied to all instances of that component.

In contrast, vanilla HTML/CSS requires developers to manually update each instance of a UI element, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

2. Better Performance

ReactJS uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which is a lightweight representation of the actual DOM. This virtual DOM allows ReactJS to make efficient updates to the UI without the need to reload the entire page. This approach reduces the amount of time it takes to update the UI and improves performance, making ReactJS ideal for complex applications with large amounts of data.

Vanilla HTML/CSS, on the other hand, requires a page refresh each time a change is made, which can lead to slower performance and a less responsive user experience.

3. Declarative Programming

ReactJS uses a declarative programming model, which means that developers can describe the desired state of the UI without having to write detailed instructions for how to achieve that state. This approach simplifies the development process and reduces the potential for errors.

In contrast, vanilla HTML/CSS relies on imperative programming, which requires developers to specify the exact steps required to achieve the desired result. This approach can be more complex and error-prone, especially when dealing with large and complex UIs.

4. Rich Ecosystem

ReactJS has a rich ecosystem of libraries, tools, and extensions that make it easy to add new features and functionality to an application. This ecosystem includes popular tools such as Redux, React Router, and React Native, which can be used to build complex web applications, mobile applications, and even desktop applications.

Vanilla HTML/CSS, on the other hand, lacks this level of flexibility and requires developers to write custom code for each new feature or functionality.

Here is a list of some free useful resources for ReactJS:

1. Horizon UI

2. Creative Tim

3. Material UI

4. Chakra UI

5. React Builder

5. Strong Community Support

ReactJS has a strong community of developers and contributors who are actively working to improve the library and its ecosystem. This community provides extensive documentation, tutorials, and support, making it easier for developers to get started with ReactJS and solve any issues that arise.

In contrast, vanilla HTML/CSS lacks this level of community support and can be more difficult for beginners to learn.


ReactJS offers several advantages over vanilla HTML/CSS, including component-based development, better performance, declarative programming, a rich ecosystem, and strong community support. While there may be situations where vanilla HTML/CSS is the better choice, ReactJS is a powerful and flexible tool that is well-suited to complex web applications and large-scale projects.

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